Break-Out Burglar Behind Bars

North Vancouver

2019-03-13 10:38 PDT

File # 2018-796

North Vancouver resident Shane Davidson has been found guilty of a handful of property crime offences. He was convicted January 18, 2019, of three counts of burglary, one count of assault, and one count of theft under $5000.

Mr. Davidson entered stores during business hours, somehow made his way into the ceiling and then hid there, sometimes for hours, until the store closed. Once everyone had left for the night he cut his way out of the ceiling, searched for cash, clothing, and other valuables, and then broke out.

Photo of hole cut in ceiling

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Shane Davidson during burglary and fleeing from a store

In one early morning incident, Mr. Davidson miscalculated. An employee walked into the cash room around five AM, said Sgt. Peter DeVries, spokesperson for the North Vancouver RCMP. There he was, standing in the dark. Imagine how terrifying that was for her. To add injury to insult, when the employee screamed in shock, Mr. Davidson physically assaulted her before he took off running.

RCMP recommended charges in February, 2018, two of them under a less commonly used section of the Criminal Code, S. 348(1)(c), breaking out of a place after committing an offence while inside.
The surveillance video made it pretty easy, said DeVries. Prolific offenders are really well known to us. We know how they operate, where they tend to commit crimes, and what they look like. One good screengrab can get us a long way towards making a positive ID.

A judge remanded Mr. Davidson until his sentencing hearing on April 29, 2019 at the Vancouver law courts. He has been in custody since May, 2018.

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