Warming the hands and hearts of the homeless!

North Vancouver

2016-12-09 12:49 PST

File # 2016-12-09

As the cold winter weather is upon us on the North Shore we would all do well to remember that not everyone has the means to keep themselves warm. Officers of the North Vancouver RCMP have been handing out special care packages to the homeless and those less fortunate. The packages, equipped specifically for either women or for men, contain hand warmers, gloves, socks, toques, energy food items, teas and personal grooming items.

cold weather relief - gloves - toques - hand warmers etc

Cpl. Randy Wong of the North Vancouver RCMP, along with his partner Sahar, initiated these relief efforts by purchasing the much needed items from monies donated by the detachment staff.

Our officers daily come in contact with people who just need the basics to help be more comfortable, said Cpl. Wong. In more than one case those who received the care package were immediately putting on the toque, gloves and changing into their new warm socks. When you warm their hands you warm their hearts as well (and those of the officers)!

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